The Perfect Home Additions

I found the perfect house. It doesn’t need a thing!

That’s what she said when telling her husband about a home in which they could downsize. Sort of. This home now has two additions and a kitchen remodel.

The house is perfect and holding up beautifully after several decades. But lifestyles were different back then and maybe the house did need a little updating. We ended up building the two additions on the back, facing each other from either side of a large pool area. One of these extensions was tacked onto the kitchen remodel by adding an entrance to the garage, a butler’s pantry, a utility room with laundry and a pool bath.

The opposing addition contains a master suite with separate his & hers bathrooms and closets. The his & hers sections are independently reached so no one needs to slip past anyone else if they are coming and going from the bedroom into the hallway.

Each master closet is spaciously laid out and outfitted like a formal dressing room with custom cabinets and shelving. Even the drawer dimensions were tailored to the homeowners.

The windows on the additions are indistinguishable from the originals, maintaining architectural continuity throughout. These spaces are luxuriously dappled with soft sunlight.

The additions were designed to nestle into the existing footprint of the yard without disrupting the senses. They cannot be seen from the street. Inside, when one walks through the house from room to room, there is no line of demarcation revealing where the additions joined the original house.

Likewise, a TV room was built behind the original living room so they share a chimney. Custom built-in bookcases were added to the original room and the new room has a floating platform under the hearth and bookcases. Again, it is not possible to know without being told what is the new construction and what was original. Yet, all the modern amenities are installed in the new additions for the wiring, appliances and hardware.

The result is elegant, sleek and comfortable. It doesn’t need a thing! Click here to see a gallery of the project.