Customizing A Kitchen For The Houston Lifestyle

The hot and humid climate here in Houston means most cooks here do not want to keep the oven on for hours at a time. Still, we do enjoy cooking out, whether that means stepping onto the patio to quickly grill chicken on the gas grill or making an event of it with a crawfish boil in the backyard.

When it comes to everyday living, Northstar Construction consults with its remodeling clients on how they use – or want to use – their kitchens. Are you a foodie? Do you do all the cooking or are you a takeout person?

What kind of cooking do you do? Who hangs out in the kitchen and how much of the time? What activities are performed in the kitchen? Artwork? Homework? Breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Do you have pets and how are their needs accommodated in the kitchen? Think dog feeding stations, food bins, toy bins, crates and even dog washing stations in mud rooms adjoining kitchens.
For the Cook

If you are a serious cook, talk to us about the types of meals and meal prep you perform. Kitchen layout is of vital importance here and we will want to talk about the types of appliances will best suit your needs. You probably have a lot of gadgets and pots and pans you want to store out of sight. A large pantry might also be essential to the home chef. You may want to have one fridge in the kitchen and another in a mudroom or butler’s pantry, whether for freezer storage or beverage storage and ice-making, respectively.
For Entertaining

Let’s face it: guests always gravitate to kitchens during parties. It doesn’t matter how nicely you set up the living room or dining room, they are coming into the kitchen. Therefore, you will want enough hanging around space by the island or peninsula. Perhaps an open floor plan extending into a great room would really enhance your enjoyment in hosting parties. If you entertaining out back as well, the kitchen should natural flow between a patio cover area or outdoor kitchen entertainment area. If your patio is currently open, talk to Thomas about a pergola or patio cover.
Mostly For Everyday Enjoyment

You probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen, from the morning moment when your pour that first cup of coffee to the evening when you finished cleaning up from dinner and move on to packing lunches. Think about the everyday use of your house and consider how much of that time you spend in the kitchen.

Are you comfortable hanging out in there? Would you like a nook with a desk for your laptop, stationery, mail, keys and charging station? Is the seating working for you? Is it easy to clean? Easy to put away and later find things? Would you enjoy cooking more if you loved your kitchen?

For Northstar, remodeling a home is all about enhancing the client’s lifestyle, enjoyment and value in the home. For a consultation on your remodeling dream, contact Thomas Hammel, owner of Northstar Construction, at 281-541-1252.