How to Plan a Whole House Remodel in Houston

Before undertaking a significant budget project such as a whole house remodel, pose these key questions: how will it in enhance our lifestyle and how will it increase the potential future sale value of the home in subsequent years.

What elements constitute a whole home remodel? These may involve adding or reconfiguring a back entrance to your kitchen, gutting and renovating kitchens and bathrooms, expanding the size of master bathrooms and suites, adding mother-in-law suites/extensions, building outdoor kitchens, replacing roofs and changing out exterior trim and chimney chases.

Remember when updating a home, you do not want to pick trendy features that will be dated again in 5 to 10 years. And, while suiting the home to your personal taste is of utmost importance, check yourself if your taste is extremely ornate, razzle-dazzle or unusual; if you’re your initial ideas would make Liberace feel quite at home, instead think clean lines, utility, quality materials in neutral colors and good craftsmanship.

Houston Homes & Heat and Humidity

Now, there are specifics for whole home remodeling here in the Houston, Texas, area. Our climate is hot and humid and your general contractor should advise you on what designs and materials are optimal – and which are not – for our weather in general and for hurricane preparedness. You are making an investment in your home that you want to be lasting.

So, even if you think you prefer the look of natural wood, there are better materials for your home’s exterior, such as brick, stone-facing and Hardie plank that can stand up to heat and humidity much better. Similarly, there are some materials for interiors, such as reclaimed wood and paint textures that also require special consideration.

A reclaimed wood accent wall or barn door might be great in the living room, but not as good in a bathroom. That said, if you want wood in your bathroom, then your contractor can help select specially treated woods that are ideal for interior design.

Why So Many Houston Area Homes are Ripe for Remodeling

While we see a lot of new subdivisions being built around us with Houston’s growth, this region is chock full of older subdivisions, some as old as dating to the 1950s and 1960s as well as spec houses built around 20 years ago.

So, say your home is from the late 1990s. Notice how you and your neighbors have the same so-so bathroom and kitchen tiles that are not aging very well? How about the cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms? Is the cabinet door facing peeling back? Do the kitchen counters stain very easily from a coffee cup and require constant scouring with Comet or Bon Ami?

Is it hard to see in the kitchen or difficult to work when preparing meals? Is one person isolated in the kitchen while everyone else is hanging out in the living room? Perhaps your lifestyle for everyday living, as well as entertaining, would go better with a Great Room type of layout.

If you have a pool, you may want a poolside entryway that connects to a “pool bath” and your laundry room. This area should also connect to a space that can serve as an easy access hallway to the kitchen. This space can hold a fridge and wet bar and be very useful as a butler’s pantry year-round. This is especially helpful if it adjoins the garage and contains storage. Your Costco run just got easier.

Consult with your contractor on exactly what you need. We think the home renovations shows on TV are funny when the homeowners agree to a budget figure and let the remodeling team do whatever they want. Somehow, the homeowners always come home and are delighted by the shiplap. At Northstar Construction, we want to know what you want. Share with us your Houzz ideabooks and Pinterest boards.

Let’s walk through the home and property to visual the possibilities and discuss your wants and needs. Before we do a thing to your house, Northstar will present you with a thorough design proposal and bid. This will include different options for materials and price points. We want to go through everything with you and make sure your expectations are met. We’d like the opportunity to exceed them.

Finally, we want our clients to know that Northstar owner Thomas Hammel will be highly engaged in the build out and follow through to ensure the work is up to snuff. If you are thinking or dreaming about a major home renovation or remodeling project, please consider Northstar Construction. We’ve love to talk to you about your vision and, ideally, be your contractor.