The hottest trends in home décor and design may be hip now, but what about in a few years? Then again, some of the current trends are quite old-fashioned looking, such as the farmhouse look.

By contrast, people with bold personalities are likely to make strong statements with décor and design. Hand-painted bathroom tiles with geometric designs are bold. Zebra rugs and jungle murals are bold. Let’s be honest, some things that look amazing in a magazine might look a little crazy in your house. Granted, if you are wild and strong-spirited, by all means, then your décor should be too.
Form Meeting Function

Some of the most time-test and lasting designs are those that are highly functional. They say form meets function and if the functionality is spot on, there is less design and need for modifications down the road.

Northstar Construction asks how you want to use your space and in the future. We will review the possibilities and introduce you to the latest innovations and improvements in cabinet design, home automation, hardware, flooring and more. We want you to feel that you had a full breadth of choices before narrowing down the approach that suits your wants and needs for a home.

Photo by Caitlin & Caitlin Design Co. – Search midcentury kitchen pictures

Dark green, navy blue and even black are trendy colors for cabinets.

What popular items are most likely to have staying power?

Farmhouse sinks and double sinks
Tiles in neutral colors
Cabinets in wood or neutral colors
Glass-front cabinets
Marble or granite counters
Subway tiles in white
Hexagonal bathroom tiles
Hardwood flooring

Photo by Northstar Construction – More living room ideas

If you want to try out a little flair without going all out, an accent wall is an option. This would feature different materials, such as reclaimed wood or a mosaic that occupies a smaller space and can be relatively easily altered in the future. Another option to make a splash is to paint a smaller room or wall a bright color. You don’t need to commit to an entire room to enjoy some pizzazz. And, if you don’t like it in a year, it’s easy to re-do.

Another fun trend is to paint your front door with a bold accent color, provided you HOA allows it! If not, paint the back door a pretty color. Read more about our remodeling philosophy here.