A Dream House Becomes a Major Project: Post-Flood Recovery and Renovation


What happens when you buy your dream house and within weeks of moving in, it takes on three feet of floodwater? These Cypress, Texas, homeowners had bought this charming mid-century with the idea of updating parts of it over an 18-month period. Instead, a renovation is underway. The structure was in very good shape, having [...]

How to Plan a Whole House Remodel in Houston


Before undertaking a significant budget project such as a whole house remodel, pose these key questions: how will it in enhance our lifestyle and how will it increase the potential future sale value of the home in subsequent years. What elements constitute a whole home remodel? These may involve adding or reconfiguring a back entrance [...]

How to Pick the Right Materials for the Job


Sometimes the vast possibilities for remodeling materials can seem overwhelming, from flooring and tile to windows and cabinets. Northstar Construction will help you choose among options based on look, durability, function and price points. Thomas - See more at: https://remodelwithnorthstar.com/2017/04/05/pick-right-materials-job/#sthash.Irn8nv0X.dpuf

What to Expect When You’re Remodeling


Your home renovation, addition or remodeling project does not have to be a daunting proposition. When you would with Northstar Construction, general contractor and owner Thomas Hammel serves you through each step of the process, from bidding to building. Thomas - See more at: https://remodelwithnorthstar.com/2017/04/05/expect-youre-remodeling/#sthash.vkSFeigJ.dpuf

Remodeling for a Clean Slate in the Bathroom


You’ve spruced up, cleaned up, changed up, tried new paint and changed out bath towels and mats. Then a time comes when your bathroom needs a clean slate. Northstar Construction will look at the space dimensions and recommend floor plans and materials. Thomas - See more at: https://remodelwithnorthstar.com/2017/04/05/remodeling-clean-slate-bathroom/#sthash.fqEXXRsZ.dpuf

Bathroom Planning: How to Live the Remodel Dream


When it comes to planning your dream bathroom you will want to combine your inspiration with function. Just as important as picking style and colors is examining how you use the space. Or rather, how you would prefer to use the space. Storage is always a key consideration. Drawers and shelving can be drawn to [...]