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Breathe Taking Outdoor Projects

Experiencing all of nature’s perfection is an amazing way to create memories with loved ones. The great outdoors is where we breathe in that fresh air, see those vivid colors and enjoy life. Why not create that perfect outdoor oasis for your home that you have dreamed about? Especially in Houston where the weather is almost certain to be warm and comfortable for you and your family to enjoy. Whether it is an outdoor kitchen for those summer cookouts, an outdoor dining area for those family gatherings or just want to make a renovation to your pool, we can create the perfect scenery that you have always envisioned for your home. Any idea that you may have, Northstar Construction can help you build it. We specialize in outdoor projects that make your home look great and add value to it as well. We offer an in-home, no obligation, free consultation which allows us to get a better understanding of your needs and wants. To schedule your consultation, give us a call or use our contact form to send us a message.

Outdoor Kitchen

When the weather is perfect, it is time to bring out the grill for a great BBQ or cook outside in general. Only problem is many people have to go in and out of the house to get things they need to get the cooking started.

Why not build an outdoor kitchen? Having an outdoor kitchen ready to use at anytime is not only fun to have but it also adds value to your home. We design kitchens to be ready for use for any occasion all year long.

Outdoor Dining

Dining at home is great, especially since it’s a time to spend with family while eating a nice meal. Then there are times when you and your family want to enjoy a nice meal but outside. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a nice outdoor dining section?

There are so many possibilities when it comes to your outdoor dining area. Whether you want something simple or fancy, we can design the perfect outdoor dining area for you and your family to enjoy in any climate.

Outdoor Lounging

There are times when relaxing inside your home just doesn’t feel right. Sometimes you just feel like relaxing outside with a cup of coffee while reading a good book, take in the sun for that perfect tan or just simply enjoy the night sky.

An outdoor lounging area to enjoy all those outdoor activities is great for you and your family to have. We can design the perfect lounge that will be suitable for you in any climate.

Pool and Pool House

Spring and summer time is usually the time of year when everyone gets ready to enjoy the pool. Of course, being at the pool can be messy with everyone jumping in and out of the pool which cause the water to mix with dirt.

That is why it can be beneficial to your home to renovate your pool area and build a pool house because it will eliminate the dirty wet foot tracks left around your home. We can design and build the perfect pool area for your home.

Patios and Decks

“A deck or a patio” is a question that everyone always asks when it comes to their homes outdoor area but it all depends on the design of the backyard. Sometimes it’s better to build a deck to protect trees while patios are less maintenance.

No matter what you choose to go with, we can design and build a patio or deck that not only you and your family will love, but also fits the needs of your backyard.

Other Outdoor Projects

Our other outdoor services include building custom mailboxes, patio covers, cabanas, pool additions and anything else you can think of. Many of the homes that we have worked on have been renovated with modern innovations.

Any idea that you may have for your home to have that unique and modern outdoor look, Northstar Construction can help design and build it to perfection. Your home’s outdoors will match it’s beauty, we guarantee that you will love our work.

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We understand that it is easy to choose a remodeling company in Houston to help you with your next project, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands to choose from. However, many of those companies fail to give you a detailed proposal of the work which includes pricing and time management just to get their foot in the door. For that reason, it is difficult to trust anyone nowadays, especially when it comes to a big and special project such as remodeling your home or business.

We differ from all those types of companies, we give you details on everything when it comes to your project from how much everything will cost to when exactly the project will be complete and everything in between. We have worked with the top companies in the Houston and surrounding areas, we have an outstanding portfolio which showcases what we can do in the remodeling industry and all of our clients have been more than satisfied with our work. Save yourself the headache of dealing with amateur companies and give us a call, a true professional remodeling company, we will be happy to provide you with a free quote today. Let us show you how committed we are to helping you build your next project and making your imagination become a reality.

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