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Modern and Classic Houston Room Additions

Sometimes we feel as if our house is too small or lacks something so simple as a family room, an office, a game room or just a guest bedroom. Because of this, people tend to sell their home just to get a bigger home. You could go the route of selling your home, but why do that when you could just addrooms to your existing home? Room additions are a fun and unique way to increase the visual appearance and functionality of your home. Not only are room additions more cost-effective than relocating but they don’t require you to leave your home and the surrounding neighborhood. They can also add significant value and enjoyment to your current property. Room additions should flow seamlessly with the original architecture of the home and not look or feel like an old space and a new space have been smashed in together, the lines of the room addition should be impossible to notice. We offer an in-home, no obligation, free consultation which allows us to get a better understanding of your needs and wants. To schedule your Houston Room additions consultation, give us a call or use our contact form to send us a message.

Family Room Addition

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Building a home extension for the purpose of adding a family room is a great way to enjoy the company of your family and friends. It is a room that you can all play, laugh and create memories that you will cherish forever.

Since there is not much extended work required, such as electrical or plumbing work, family rooms tend to require less investment. No matter what you want to add to it, we can help to make your family room pleasant.

Office Space Addition

There are more and more families nowadays that work from home. Whether they already have an established business or bring work home, an office space is required in order to work without everyday distractions.

Whether it is a simple office or a more professional and classic office, we can help build that office space that you are looking for. We understand that when it comes to work, you need the perfect space to be productive.

Bedroom Additions

The typical homes come with your standard 2-3 bedrooms already built in. As time goes by, many families decide to have more children, family members move in or they just have more guests over to spend the night.

Regardless, adding more space such as a bedroom will give you that extra wiggle room you need for you families additions. We can help design the perfect room to fit your families needs and will fit with your home.

Game Room Additions

Game rooms tend to be the highlight of a home. Not only will guests almost always be drawn to that area of your home because of the entertainment you will have available for them to enjoy, but also your family will too.

Adding a game room will not only give you more space to kick back and relax but it will also give everyone in your home the same joy and comfort as well. There are many styles that we can help design and build for you and your family to enjoy.

Second Story Room Addition

Second story additions are starting to trend more in the modern world. Whether it is extending your second floor, adding a balcony, adding a room or simply just renovating your attic, we can help with designing the perfect addition.

Our team will work with you to see what fits your needs and wants. Any additions that you can think of to add to your second story, we can make it happen.

Other Additions

There are many other additions that people may want to add to their homes such as a chimney, media room, home gym, play room, garage and etc. The more space that you add to your home, the more value that you add to your home.

Additions do not only apply to the inside of your home, they also apply to the outside of your home. Outdoor dining spaces are a great addition to your beautiful home. We can create any additions that you have always dreamed of.

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We differ from all those types of companies, we give you details on everything when it comes to your project from how much everything will cost to when exactly the project will be complete and everything in between. We have worked with the top companies in the Houston and surrounding areas, we have an outstanding portfolio which showcases what we can do in the remodeling industry and all of our clients have been more than satisfied with our work. Save yourself the headache of dealing with amateur companies and give us a call, a true professional remodeling company, we will be happy to provide you with a free quote today. Let us show you how committed we are to helping you build your next project and making your imagination become a reality.

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